Where to Stay

Surrounded by four rivers, Carmarthenshire is a very popular tourist location and a great destination for those that want to get out of the city and enjoy the nature that makes up the countryside of Wales.  In fact, Carmarthenshire has just about everything to offer including cheap hotels, rolling hills, ancient forests, mountaintops that seem to pop out of every corner of the sky, and even medieval castles tossed in throughout the scenery that add a nice touch to the unique village feel that the area has even though it does receive quite a bit of tourism.

When driving into Carmarthenshire you will find the town in the South West area of Wales between the cities of Swansea and Tenby.  The M4 is usually the best way to come into the city by heading west until it merges into the A48 at which point you will dead end into the city centre and be near most of the best Carmarthenshire hotels.

Rail service also serves the area direct from London with a quick change at Swansea.  The best hotels are all located within the main area of the town which makes it simple to choose a location to base your activities from.

Some of the most popular tourist activities for those that stay at the Carmarthenshire cheap hotels include climbing, walking, and hiking in some of the best scenery that the UK has to offer.  If you choose to splurge a bit you can even take in the great views from a hotel balcony or patio while sipping on catered beverages and snacks.

Many of the area hotels also offer unique spa services which could be greatly needed after a day out hiking, so be sure to check out the full list of amenities before making a final choice on which hotel really is the best choice. Apart from hotels, due to the rolling country nature of Carmarthenshire, there are also many bed and breakfast accommodations throughout the immediate area.  Therefore, if you really want to experience the local lifestyle while immersed in the beautiful nature of the area you may want to consider looking for a great deal on a bed and breakfast instead.

One more perk of this type of accommodation is the fact that usually the locals at the B&Bs and at the hotels will be able to offer you insider tips on where to eat and the best places to explore the great outdoors from.