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3 Great Facts You Didn’t Know About Carmarthen County

Carmarthenshire is a place filled with history. Everywhere you look, the area is filled with amazing legends, myths, and historical figures. From the fantastical to the all-too-real, Carmarthenshire boasts an amazing story. Here are our favourite facts about Carmarthen County.

It’s rumoured that Merlin was born here

For centuries, local legend has had it that Merlin, the magical advisor to King Arthur, was born in a cave outside Carmarthen. The Arthurian legend has little basis in reality, but Carmarthenshire still bears many marks of its association with it. On the corner of Oak Lane and Priory Street, in the city of Carmarthen itself, a centuries-old tree known as Merlin’s Oak used to stand. An old prophecy foretold that when the oak fell, so would the town. As a precaution, when the tree began to fall, it was uprooted and replaced with a new one which can still be seen.

Carmarthenshire was a barrier against a Nazi invasion

In the dark days of 1940-41, Britain feverishly planned to fight off a seaborne invasion by the Nazis. This could conceivably have come from Ireland, placing Carmarthenshire in the path of the Axis advance. You can still find remnants of the “Carmarthen Stop Line”, a series of anti-tank ditches and pillboxes, located to the west of the city. Take a walk along the route of the defences and try to imagine what it would be like to have to defend this part of Wales against the Fascist army.

It’s home to the Welsh Evel Knievel

Born in Carmarthen in 1961 before emigrating to Australia as a young boy, Dale Buggins became an international sensation as a daredevil motorbike rider. At the age of just 17 he jumped over 25 cars, breaking the record set by Evel Knievel, and he went on to perform death-defying feats across the globe. Schoolfriends recall “Buggo” honing his skills by jumping onto, off of, or over anything he could find on a motorbike powered by only a lawnmower engine. Tragically, Buggins took his own life at the age of 20, but he is remembered fondly by motorsports enthusiasts across the globe.

Carmarthenshire is filled with amazing places

Wherever you go in Carmarthen County you’re bound to find something magnificent. We haven’t even scratched the surface with our top 3 picks, with no time to mention the Roman settlements dating from the 2nd Century or the famous “Black Book of Carmarthen”. We’ll let you discover all that for yourselves, though! You can always be certain that wherever you are in Carmarthen County, there’s always something special to find out.