Cardiff Airport

Cardiff, the capital and largest city in Wales, is the 10th largest city in the United Kingdom and a popular tourist destination.

The history of this beautiful city goes back to ancient times when it was a Roman fort. Cardiff was conquered by the Normans in the 11th century, destroyed by the Welsh in 1404 and rebuilt a short time later. It remained a small town for many years until the 19th century when the city began to thrive as a result of the iron, steel and shipbuilding industries. Today Cardiff is a flourishing city and is home to the only airport that offers international flights.

Cardiff Airport became an official airfield in 1942 and has undergone many changes since then. Currently the airport hosts a number of aerospace related colleges and businesses. It is the principle maintenance centre for British Airways which has made the airport a large contributor to the economy of the city. Cardiff Airport offers flights on twelve different airlines with direct service to approximately forty destinations. The countries of Spain, Ireland and the Netherlands are where the majority of the destinations are located.

Cardiff Airport caters to all travellers and offers facilities for families, executives, and passengers with special needs. There are a number of places to eat, drink and shop before you fly. Cafe Ritazza, Burger King and the Food Village offer food and drink; the Echo Bar and the Fly Half Bar serve both alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. There are various shops at the airport where you can purchase handmade gift items, name brand clothing and accessories, as well as reading materials. Other facilities include banking services, a play centre for young children, an executive lounge, and special assistance services. A tourist information centre is available in the arrivals area for those who want to know about attractions in Wales.

Future plans for the airport include an extensive remodelling job to the front of the terminal and the approach areas, with new landscaping, redesign and enlargement of the terminal. Plans are also in the works to link the departure and arrival halls into one large common area with the addition of more restaurants and shops.

In 2010, approximately one and a half million passengers flew in and out of Cardiff Airport. That’s an average of 4,000 passengers a day. In that year there were close to 26,000 total take offs and landings at the airport. Cardiff Airport has only one runway.

Cardiff Airport is located twelve miles west of Cardiff, in the Vale of Glamorgan close to Rhoose. Whether you travel by car, taxi, train or bus is a personal preference, but as a result of increased traffic, public transport is greatly encouraged when going by auto, you can take the M4 to Junction 33. The airport is located about ten miles from Junction 33. For drop off or pick-ups, use the eastern approach (Port Road). For long term parking, use the western approach. If going to the airport by train there is a shuttle service that will pick you up at the train drop-off, and carry you the short distance to the airport.

Cardiff Airport has much to offer for a pleasant travel experience.