Known across the world to all Monty Python fans, Kidwelly Castle in Kidwelly, south Wales featured as the opening shot in the iconic Monty Python and the Holy Grail (although later more detailed filming was done in Scotland’s Doune Castle).

Renowned as one of Wales’ greatest castles, it dates from 1106 and is only one of many attractions around Kidwelly. Worth exploring as well as the impressive walls of the castle are a 14th century bridge and gate, a parish church dating from Norman times, and what was once a quay but is now a nature reserve.

Ancient Kidwelly as a town saw significant growth during the industrial revolution, when it housed big brickworks and a tinworks, but these have now disappeared since being closed, though reminders can be found in the Kidwelly Industrial Museum.

Now a tourist destination and retail centre, the town is dominated by the castle, standing on the Gwendraeth River, which is quite well kept, being under the management of Cadw.